New Action Film Hostile Takeover Embraces Innovative Filming Technique
New Action Film Hostile Takeover Embraces Innovative Filming Technique

American actor and director Star Michael Jai White, who has performed his acting roles in films like Black Dynamite, Dragged Across Concrete, Blood and Bone, and Outlaw Johnny Black, is returning again with a new Hollywood film “Hostile Takeover”.

Hostile Takeover is a new upcoming action thriller film whose directorial credit goes to Markos Rounthwaite. It stars Michael Jai White and Aimee Stolte.

Recently, the news came out that Michael Jai White had started acting in the action thriller ‘Hostile Takeover.’ Apart from this, “Hostile Takeover” adopts innovative filming techniques.

“Hostile Takeover” is currently beginning filming, and it is shooting on a new virtual production stage in Regina launched by Los Angeles-based Volume Global.

As per THR reports, Production is now underway at a facility launched in Saskatchewan by Los Angeles-based pop-up virtual production company Volume Global.

In the film, Jai White plays Pete, a hitman working in New York City, and the film story Follows a hitman, Pete, who faces a group of assassins after attending Workaholics Anonymous meetings when the boss of a crime syndicate suspects disloyalty.

Production companies Dovetale Media, Fun Republic Pictures, Karma Film, Karma Films, and Volume Global have taken up the responsibility of producing the film.

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