Wednesday Season 2 Filming in Ireland This Spring, Expected to Wrap by November
Wednesday Season 2 Filming in Ireland This Spring, Expected to Wrap by November

At the end of 2022, on November 23, the ‘Wednesday‘ series was released by Netflix, which received a lot of love from the audience.

Even before the arrival of the Wednesday series, people were very excited to watch this series.

Its trailer was filled with so much suspense, and one of the reasons behind it being liked more was that it was based on the character of Charles Addams, “Wednesday Addams,” played by Scream star Jenna Ortega.

The success of Wednesday Season 1 made it a hit series on Netflix, and seeing its mysterious ending, fans are also eagerly waiting for Wednesday Season 2.

Recently, some news reports confirmed that Wednesday Season 2 Filming in Ireland This Spring, Expected to Wrap by November.

Most of the scenes in Wednesday Season 1 were filmed in Romania, and now news has emerged that its second season will be filmed in Ireland this spring, with an expected run through November.

Not long ago, on Wednesday, season 2, Star Thora Birch quit this series without completing the filming.

The latest update from Bleedingcool confirms that the film crew of the popular Netflix series Wednesday is eyeing a Summer/Fall shoot in Ireland to film the second season.

Reports say that season 2 of the show is planning to film in Ireland in April-November.

Bleedingcool last time in February for the filming of Wednesday to know how things are going with the second season of the Jenna Ortega-starring and executive-producing Wednesday, which is directed by Al Gough and Miles Miller.

The series star/executive producer provided some early insight into the script and also provided the tone/direction for the series moving forward, which provides information about when the filming of season 2 can start and how long it can last.

You can also watch a video clip related to the update of Wednesday Season 2 here:-

The hit streaming series will move its production from Romania to Ireland in November 2023 – Which would be in line with what Celtic Casting is promoting on their website.

Production is listed as “Nero” at Celtic Casting, an online resource for people wanting to work as extras in Ireland, and Nero was the name of Ortega’s pet scorpion.

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