Is Pawn Stars Still Filming_ Latest Updates
Is Pawn Stars Still Filming_ Latest Updates

Pawn Stars is a famous comedy and Reality TV show that has been running since 2009. So far, 22 seasons of ‘Pawn Stars‘ series have been released.

Soon, your favorite Pawn Stars are coming back for Season 23, because recently, some news has come out confirming that History’s American reality television series Pawn Stars is still filming season 23.

The filming of Pawan Stars Season 23 is in development, and it may also air by the end of this year, 2024.

Pawn Stars Season 23
Pawn Stars Season 23

For your information, we would like to inform you that the filming for the new season started in February 2024, and it was also renewed for the 23rd season.

The filming unit chose Las Vegas, Nevada, to film most of the Pawn Stars’ season, and Las Vegas is the show’s primary filming location.

Cast members returning for the 23rd season include Rick Harrison, Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell, Richard Harrison, and Corey Harrison.

The show’s stars, Rick, Big Hoss, and Chumlee, have been busy shooting for Pawn Stars Do America Season 2 in 2023.

Not Long ago, during a recent interview with TV Insider, Rick Harrison confirmed that he and Big Hoss and Chumlee will be traveling very little in the near future.

Soon, three stars will be back for the shooting of Pawn Stars season 23. Rick said:-

“I just signed with History to do more episodes of regular Pawn Stars in Vegas,” he said, adding, “We start that in February.”

There will be many more Pawn Stars stories and scams worth watching for Pawn Stars viewers.

The show has been broadcast in 150 countries and dubbed into 38 languages, making it a global phenomenon. Since the filming of Pawn Stars season 23 has started, we are very eager to watch its upcoming season and are eagerly waiting for its release.

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