We Are Family Filming Locations
We Are Family Filming Locations

We Are Family Filming Locations: We Are Family is a new Game-show, that is presented and hosted by Anthony Anderson and Doris Bowman.

The Series Contestants include Doris Cochran, Anthony Anderson, Paris Themmen, Doris Bowman, Jaidi Ventura, Carrington Gilbert, Jason Walker, Erika Coleman, Timothy Sternberg, and many more…

Storyline: In this game show, there is a group of 100 contestants who first guess which celebrity the artist is related to before revealing their names.

The main focus of the game is to feature non-famous relatives of celebrities singing a duet with their hidden famous family member.

When and Where Was Fox’s Series We Are Family filmed?

Series NameWe Are Family
Genres Game-Show
Also KnownWe Are Family (I)
Filming locationsUSA (Atlanta)
Filming DatesSeptember 2023 to October 2023
Release DateJanuary 3, 2024 (United States)
We Are Family Filming Locations (TV Series 2024– )

Fox’s new Series “We Are Family” was filmed in the USA, particularly around Atlanta. The principal photography took place in early November 2023.

We Are Family Filming Locations

Here is a guide to all the locations of We Are Family Filming Locations:

When and Where Was Fox's Series We Are Family filmed
When and Where Was Fox’s Series We Are Family filmed, We Are Family Filming Locations (TV Series 2024– )

Are you one of those who loves to discover the filming locations of your favorite Movies or TV Series? This is the right place for you to check the filming locations for various movies and TV series.

In the article below, we will see the different places where the Series was filmed.

📍Atlanta, Georgia, USA

According to Thecinemaholic Reports, This show was shot in Atlanta and its surrounding areas.

We Are Family Filming Locations, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
We Are Family Filming Locations, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

US State Georgia’s capital and largest city, Atlanta, is home to the Georgia Aquarium and a National Historic Site and is the 38th most populous city in the U.S. A film studio facility located in Atlanta was used to film this game show.

The filming unit used several streets and neighborhoods in Atlanta to film We Are Family. Atlanta has previously served as an ideal filming location for many movies and Series, including Reptile, Pain Hustlers, Scream 2, Strays, They Cloned Tyrone, What Men Want, etc…

Jason Walker, a contestant who participated in the series, shared his experience during filming, He said:-

“I traveled there to be 1 of 100 contestants on a new game show called #WeAreFamilyFox! Outside of the time filming, the 100 of us adventured throughout the city, enjoyed meals together, played so many board games and shared our lives. We truly became a family.”

“And even after we departed Atlanta to 100 different homes around the country, our familial bond grew and continues to this day. In the highs and lows of our real lives, it’s beautiful to experience the support and care and laughs that maintain.”

Jason Walker

Timothy Sternberg, Another contestant on this game show explain:-

“As amazing as the show is, the biggest win was the relationships that it made as a result of this adventure. From the Tru crew, who bonded big time when we were in Atlanta, to the new, amazing friendships that have spawned through conversations I have had with people when we returned home.”

For Other shooting locations stay tuned to this post because we will update you soon…

People also ask:-

What is the Filming Location of We Are Family?

We Are Family was Filmed in the USA (Atlanta).

When was We Are Family start filming?

We Are Family filming starts in 2023.

Where Can You Watch We Are Family?

You can watch We Are Family on YouTube TV (Free Trial).

We Are Family Official Trailer

We Are Family Filming Locations (TV Series 2024– )

According to the IMDB, the upcoming Series “We Are Family” was released in the United States on January 03, 2023, by Fox Alternative Entertainment and is also available to watch on Fox and YouTube TV (Free Trial).

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