Box Office Hit Returns The Boy and the Heron Celebrates Success with Second Theatrical Run
Box Office Hit Returns The Boy and the Heron Celebrates Success with Second Theatrical Run

Toho’s Japanese “The Boy and the Heron” (Kimitachi wa dô ikiru ka) is an animated fantasy film with genres like Animation, Adventure, Drama, Family, and Fantasy.

The story of the film follows a stubborn boy named Mahito. In the wake of his mother’s death and his father’s remarriage, a young boy enters a dream world shared by both the living and the dead.

The character of Mahito Makai and the story of the show were highly appreciated by the audience. As a result, the animated film was a box office hit and won a Big Oscar. After Oscar victory, ‘The Boy and the Heron’ celebrates success with second theatrical run.

Good animation and visual effects were used in the filming of The Boy and the Heron.

The film is directed and penned by Hayao Miyazaki. The voice actors who brought life to the animated series with their voices include Soma Santoki, Masaki Suda, Aimyon, Yoshino, Kimura, Shōhei Hino, Ko Shibasaki, and Takuya Kimura.

Your beloved animated film and Miyazaki’s Oscar-winning film “The Boy and the Heron” will return to theaters for a second nationwide theatrical run on March 22, 2024.

The film grossed over $167 million worldwide. For your information, let us tell you that the second part of the screening will include brand new special bonus material.

Recently, this animated film won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and this is the second Oscar win for this film. The success of this animated film is evident from its box office earnings and critical acclaim around the world.

The Boy and the Heron was released on December 8, 2023, in the United States, and you can watch this film on Max, Apple TV+, and Toho.

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