Vanderpump Rules Reunion Gets Very Intense as Lala Kent Confirms Fight with Ariana Madix
Vanderpump Rules Reunion Gets Very Intense as Lala Kent Confirms Fight with Ariana Madix

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Gets “Very Intense” as Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules actress Lala Kent recently revealed that she had a fight with her co-star Ariana Madix and ended their friendship.

On Wednesday, Lala had an appearance on The Talk where she talked about her friendship with Ariana and the rumors circulating regarding it.

Sheryl Underwood, who is the host of the show, asked Kent about that alleged assault and whether they were still friends. To which Lala Kent disclosed that no, we are no longer friends, our friendship is now over.

Lala replied, “I think the exact tweet was ‘Ariana eviscerated Lala at the Reunion, and it was friendship-ruining,’” She continued, “Only one of those things is true, and I’ll let y’all decide.”

During the latest episode of Give Them Lala podcast, which was released on Wednesday, Lala discussed filming the Reunion.

“It was very, very, very intense, at the very end,” Lala said of the Season 11 Reunion, which was filmed last weekend. “It got very intense…I think people will really enjoy the Reunion. It was one of the most-intense I think I’ve ever experienced.”

According to Lala, the upcoming Season 11 of the show has a different intensity compared to the Season 10 Reunion.

She also hinted that viewers could expect the “fourth wall” to be broken, which means that the reality stars on stage will acknowledge the audience and film crew while filming the show.

“It’s a rare occasion that the fourth wall is broken, and that happened. I think the audience really likes it when you break the fourth wall. I know I enjoy it when I watch ‘Housewives,’”

You know more about the ending friendship of Kent and Ariana watch the trailer below:

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Gets “Very Intense” as Lala Kent Confirms Fight with Ariana Madix

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