Colin Firth Takes on Role of Grieving Father in Lockerbie Boobing Drama
Colin Firth Takes on Role of Grieving Father in Lockerbie Boobing Drama

For a new upcoming drama, the Filming of a film based on the Lockerbie bombing has begun. Colin Firth, an English and Oscar-winning actor, was seen on the series set.

On December 21, 1988, after his daughter Fiona was among the 270 killed in the tragedy, Dr. Swire and his wife Jane led a campaign to investigate the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

The actor won several awards, including an Academy Award and BAFTA for playing George VI in The King’s Speech in 2010, and is best known for Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love.

The series is based on the book The Lockerbie Bombing: A Father’s Search for Justice by Dr Swire and Peter Biddulph.

He previously told the BBC in December 2022 that we or Scotland was dealing with the case in addition to the UN court rather than by the US or Scotland.

The series covers Dr. Swire’s fight for action and being named as a spokesperson for victims, and the series consists of five episodes.

Playwright David Harrower, previously known for Blackbird, who won a BAFTA for BBC period crime drama Peaky Blinders, is the lead director.

It also includes Jonathan Lee, who previously joined High Dive as head writer, and Michael Keillor, who worked on Line of Duty, Roadkill, and Chimerica.

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