Queen Camilla Unfazed by Royal Drama, Continues Filming Documentary
Queen Camilla Unfazed by Royal Drama, Continues Filming Documentary

Queen Camilla remains involved in day-to-day activities, and it seems she is not bothered by the current drama surrounding the royal family.

She has returned to work making a documentary with True Royalty TV.

On Thursday, March 19, True Royalty TV editor-in-chief Nick Bullen exclusively told Us Weekly.

“We are filming with Queen Camilla at the moment. We’re filming with her tomorrow, and she’s just getting on with it. She doesn’t seem to be concerned about things,”

“She certainly isn’t giving anything away to us. She seems very positive when we’re with her.” He added.

“It was her at the farm shop. It is definitely her,”

Bullen said, “I think they had to come out and be seen in the way that the king was seen leaving Windsor Castle in the Rolls-Royce.

He’s been making sure that he’s very visible throughout the whole thing. William and Kate had to appear. Kate had to be seen, and I think the conspiracies were getting so ridiculous.”

Bullen also talked about William as “someone who can get very angry when things don’t go in his direction,” which has likely affected his reaction to the speculation about his wife.”

“I think he will be very, very angry at the conspiracy theories that have been flying around, very angry at the speculation, very angry that the messaging is appearing to get out of control,” Bullen continued.

“So, I think he will be incredibly frustrated.”

He also talked about how close he is to his father, King Charles III

“I think the king and the Prince of Wales are probably closer than they’ve been in a very long time,” he added.

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“And maybe that’s to do with everything that’s gone on with Harry and Meghan. Who knows? But I think the king and Prince of Wales are very close.

We know that Camilla gets on incredibly well with Catherine, so I think it’s pretty tight behind the scenes.”

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