Hunted Contestants Reveal Major Rule: Forced to Stay on the Move Every 48 Hours, No Time to Rest in the Bush
Hunted Contestants Reveal Major Rule: Forced to Stay on the Move Every 48 Hours, No Time to Rest in the Bush

Bayan and Eesha, who are Hunted contestants have shared one major rule that the artists have to follow during their ‘on the run’.

While viewers were curious to know why the fugitives don’t stay in one place for long, the pair of Bayan and Eesha revealed on Yahoo Lifestyle that the contestants have to change their location every 48 hours.

Eesha said, “Because of that fact, every day or so we’re always thinking about who our next helper is going to be or what that next move is going to be, so we can’t just sit in the bush for 21 days,”

“Ideally, if you were a real fugitive you would just go out bush for like, six months, a year, and that would be it. But because we are in this sort of contrived environment there are some rules in place that make you move or do risky activities, and one of the well-known rules is you have to move every 48 hours.”

“So as you come to the end of that 48 hours you have to have a game plan, and to do that, you have to either talk to someone or borrow a phone or have some sort of communication or something in order to get that next assistance lined up.”

Speaking about their dramatic elimination during Tuesday night’s episode where they were cornered in their apartment, Bayan admits he had “a momentary lapse in judgment” and takes full blame for their capture.

During an interview with Tuesday night’s, they were locked in his apartment, Byron admitted he had “a momentary lapse in judgment” and took full blame for getting caught.

“When you’ve been on the run for a few weeks and you’ve been away from your family and everything you know and you’re suffering from mental distress and anxiety and you’re constantly on edge and nervous and jumping at shadows, it’s very easy in that state to make a bad judgement call,” he says. “And that’s exactly what I did.

“I am solely responsible for the capture that followed and I apologise to Eesha and all of our supporters out there that followed us and backed our team.”

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