Bella Thorne and Jack Kilmer Bid Farewell to 'The Tower' Set as Filming Wraps Up
Bella Thorne and Jack Kilmer Bid Farewell to 'The Tower' Set as Filming Wraps Up

Bella Thorne and Jack Kilmer were NOT influenced by SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike!!! They two were among those actors who continue working during the strike.

The artists are involved in the upcoming project of The Tower, one of 102 projects to receive a SAG-AFTRA interim settlement.

Cam Gigandet and Chris Mullinax also star in filmmaker’s Adam Siegal’s fantasy drama. On Tuesday, the director took to Instagram to reveal that he has wrapped up the shooting of the film.

He shared a apictire with his team and revealed It was the last day of The Tower, He caprioned, “The last day of filming on The Tower, I was walking around the studio watching the crew work so hard, watching my actors run lines, and I was filled with so much gratitude.”

“These people aren’t getting rich off my films (yet!), but they all worked so damn hard to help me bring my vision to life, and all I can say is I hope I can honor them by making this movie as great as possible, and they can be proud to have been on it,” the director continued.

Shooting of the The Tower was begun shortly before the strike began and was put on hold until the SAG exemption as per the deadline. Thorne plays a “a mysterious mermaid” who has been trapped and forgotten for years in a small southern town’s water tower. Siegal said it was his “attempt to explain the alienation and wanderlust” he felt growing up in a small Southern town.

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