Children of the Corn Trailer Explained (Image credit: Youtube)
Children of the Corn Trailer Explained (Image credit: Youtube)

A 2023 American supernatural slasher film Children of the Corn and the film is similar to the eleventh installment of the Children of the Corn series.

The trailer of the film has been released and in the trailer, Children of the Corn Trailer Explained we can see Kate Moyer as Eden Edwards who is a psychopathic twelve-year-old girl in a small town in Nebraska who with all the other children kills the corrupt adults and anyone who opposes her.

Elena Kampouris who played Boleyn Williams is a bright high schooler who won’t go along with her plan and as an adult, we can see Callan Mulvey as Robert Williams, Bruce Spence as Pastor Penny, and Erika Heynatz as June Willis. Here is the official trailer of the film.

The movie will release on March 3, 2023. In January 2023, RLJE Films became the distributor of the film. The director Kurt Wimmer has also made some notable changes in the story to King’s version.

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