What is Filming In Liverpool Today
What is Filming In Liverpool Today

What is Filming In Liverpool Today: Liverpool is the filming hub of various movies and series. It has become a favorite destination for filmmakers and producers due to its picturesque locations and stunning scenery.

The city is home to several famous landmarks, including Sefton Park, which is renowned for its beautiful greenery and picturesque landscapes.

This park is a popular spot for filming and has been featured in various movies and TV series.

What is Filming In Liverpool Today

It’s no surprise that Liverpool is the top choice for filmmakers as they look for the perfect backdrop for their productions which they get there.

BBC reported that its new crime drama series, This City Is Ours is to be filmed in Liverpool.

The series will come in the genre of crime drama which will have 8 episodes. Stephen Butchard will be creating it and is known for his work in “The Good Mothers,” “The Last Kingdom,” and “Five Daughters.”

The filming locations chosen for the filming are Liverpool and Spain.

Mr Butchard, who serves as the creator, lead writer, and executive producer stated, “Set in the very real, chilling, but mostly unseen universe of organised crime,”

“This City Is Ours is a story of love, greed, ambition, and power – and what we will do to seize and hold on to that power.”

Several Hollywood films and TV dramas have been shot in Liverpool, including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Crown, and Peaky Blinders.

The city’s streets and industrial buildings have been used to double for locations such as Washington, DC, and Birmingham.

G’Wed, which is released on February 5, 2024, The Gathering has also been shot in Liverpool.

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