The Curse Filming Locations
The Curse Filming Locations

The Curse Filming Locations: The Curse is a New Comedy Television Series which is created by Creators Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie. The Series stars Include Nathan Fielder, Benny Safdie, and Emma Stone.

Synopsis: This genre-bending drama series follows a newlywed couple as an alleged curse haunts them and their relationship, as they try to conceive a child while co-starring in their new HGTV show.

When and Where Was Showtime’s Series The Curse filmed?

Series NameThe Curse
Genres Comedy
Filming locationsNew Mexico, USA
Filming DatesJuly 2022 to October 2022
Release DateNovember 10, 2023 (United States)
The Curse Filming Locations (TV Series 2023-)

Showtime‘s Comedy Series, The Curse, was filmed in the USA, particularly around New Mexico‘s Santa Fe and EspaƱola. The principal photography took place in early July 2022 and was completed in October of the same year.

The Curse Filming Locations-

Here is a guide to all the locations of The Curse Filming Locations:

Are you one of those who loves to discover the filming locations of your favorite Movies or TV Series? This is the right place for you to check the filming locations for various movies and TV series. In the below article, we will see the different places where The Curse was filmed.

šŸ“New Mexico, USA

The Curse Filming Locations, New Mexico, USA
The Curse Filming Locations, New Mexico, USA

New Mexico is a US State which is Famous for its stunning landscapes and diverse array of attractions. According to, Santa Fe and EspaƱola in New Mexico were used by the production team to film The Curse.

LaBar-Tapia of Santa Fe Film Office says TV production can happen anywhere in the year, She continued:-

“With any series that’s in town, it’s nice they are in Santa Fe for a long time because it means there are more long-term jobs,” “It’s a longer duration than a feature film. It’s good for local crew and it’s good for our local vendors.”


On January 19, 2023, Yahoo reported that The New Mexico Film Office has currently confirmed that production on the series will run from July to October or filming will take place in Santa Fe and EspaƱola.

šŸ“Santa Fe, New Mexico

Many locations in Santa Fe were used for the shooting of The Curse. You can clearly see the scenes from the series here

The Curse Filming Locations, Santa Fe, New MexicoThe Curse Filming Locations, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2)
The Curse Filming Locations (TV Series 2023-)

New Mexico’s capital Santa Fe is a delightful and ancient city, The Pueblo-style architecture here is famous around the world and it is one of the mountain states of the present Rocky Mountains located in the south of the United States.

EspaƱola, New Mexico

The Curse Filming Locations, EspaƱola, New MexicoThe Curse Filming Locations, EspaƱola, New Mexico (2)
The Curse Filming Locations (TV Series 2023-)

EspaƱola is a New Mexican City that is noted as Considered the first European capital of New Mexico, Several Scenes of The Curse were filmed here, In the series you will also see scenes similar to McCurdy Ministries Community Center EspaƱola, indicating that The Curse is filmed in EspaƱola.

People also ask:-

What is the Filming Location of The Curse?

The Curse was Filmed in New Mexico: Santa Fe and EspaƱola.

When did The Curse start filming?

The Curse filming starts in the Month of July 2022.

When did The Curse end filming?

The Curse filming ended in October 2022.

Where you can watch The Curse?

You can watch The Curse on Prime Video.

The Curse Official Trailer

The Curse Filming Locations (TV Series 2023-)

The upcoming American comedy television series “The Curse” premiered in the United States on October 17, 2023, by Showtime and Paramount+. The Curse is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. (External Link: IMDB)

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