Simone Ashley shares her painful experience while Filming 'Bridgerton'
Simone Ashley shares her painful experience while Filming 'Bridgerton'

Simone Ashley played Kate Sharma (Anthony’s love interest) in Bridgerton season two shares her bad experience during the time of the filming of the series.

Simone Ashley had no fun in the costumes of ‘Bridgerton’!! In an interview with The Sunday Times, a 27-year-old actress named Simone Ashley spoke about the discomfort she had while she was in costume, Ashley said “Corsets push everything down to the bottom of your stomach,” “That means when you take them off, you’ve got a little bump. I hated wearing those corsets filming Bridgerton.”

She continued, “They’re so beautiful, but I hate them—never again!” Ashley has spoken against wearing the undergarment before, When she had a talk with Glamour UK, she told that it actually changed her body. Ashley said, “My first day, I was like, ‘OK, first day as a lead, I have to eat a lot of food, get really energized.

So I had this huge portion of salmon and that’s when I got really nauseous, basically because I was wearing the corset.”

“I realized when you wear the corset, you just don’t eat. It changes your body. I had a smaller waist very momentarily. Then the minute you stop wearing it, you’re just back to how your body is. I had a lot of pain with the corset, too, I think I tore my shoulder at one point!”

In The Times she said, “Luckily, we’re allowed to wear bras now instead and that has changed everything for me. I can do a 12-hour day and feel comfortable.”

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