Bridgerton season three is currently filming at a Chapel in Greenwich
Bridgerton season three is currently filming at a Chapel in Greenwich

On Thursday, the filming of Bridgerton season three is continued at a chapel in Greenwich, London. The cast members of the series shot the latest scenes. Extras shielded from the cold and covered their elaborate period costumes with coats as they moved between sets.

During the filming on location, a woman was looking beautiful in a light blue frock and heels with matching flowers in her hair, on the other hand, one male cast member wore a navy suit jacket and white gloves as he took a break after taking some time off.

The whole cast was gathered in the courtyard which is in front of the chapel to shoot some big scenes together. Some parts of the road near the area of the shooting were closed to the public and huge cranes, lorries, and filming equipment were seen at the site.

Sources who are working on the production of the Netflix bonkbuster said some of the scripts had to be rewritten as the producer of the show Shonda Rhimes wants to give more fun and joy to the viewers.

Last year, it was reported that Ms. Rhimes was joined by another executive producer, Jess Brownell. A source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Filming has been delayed because the screenwriter is unhappy with its directions.

‘We’ve been told it needs fun so there are changes, which of course means delays. One thing is for sure though, the production team wants to get it right for Bridgerton fans so they can enjoy it as they did in the past.

‘There are certain elements that Shonda is not happy with so she wants to change them. Something has become very dark.’

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