Samuel L. Jackson Gets Haunting Second Chance in Twisted Thriller 'Damaged'
Samuel L. Jackson Gets Haunting Second Chance in Twisted Thriller 'Damaged'

Samuel L. Jackson stars in a new movie called “Damaged” as Detective Daniel Lawson, who’s facing a tough case.

The story starts in Chicago, where Lawson couldn’t catch a serial killer. But now, years later, the case resurfaces in Scotland.

In the trailer, we hear Lawson’s voice hinting at religious themes, saying, “Beware false prophets come to you in sheep’s clothing for inwardly they’re ravenous wolves.”

We see glimpses of gruesome murders, with a young woman resembling a previous victim.

Lawson heads to Scotland and teams up with a local detective named Boyd. The twist?

The killer’s actions hit close to home for Lawson because his girlfriend was a victim.

As they investigate, they uncover connections to cult beliefs, adding complexity to the case.

But the killer doesn’t stop. He targets Boyd and threatens his family, while continuing his spree of violence.

Despite the challenges, Lawson and Boyd are determined to catch the killer, even as he plays mind games with them.

“Damaged” promises to bring fresh twists to the detective genre, with Samuel L. Jackson leading the charge in this gripping thriller.

In addition to Samuel L. Jackson, the “Damaged” cast included Vincent Cassel, John Hannah, and Kate Dickie.

The film was shot on location in Scotland under the direction of Terry McDonough. “Damaged” is set to hit theaters and digital platforms on April 12, 2024.

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