The Grey Trailer Unleashes Alien Invasion on Netflix
The Grey Trailer Unleashes Alien Invasion on Netflix

Netflix released the main poster and trailer for a sci-fi show called “Parasyte: The Grey.” It gives us a sneak peek into a world where parasitic creatures are taking over, and humans are fighting back.

This show is based on a popular manga called “Parasyte” by Hitoshi Iwaaki. It’s a big deal because the manga has sold millions of copies worldwide.

The director, Yeon Sang-ho, who made movies like “Train to Busan,” was inspired by the manga.

He wanted to keep its message of coexistence alive. He wondered if people and creatures different from us could live together peacefully.

The original manga’s creator, Iwaaki, liked what the show’s creators did. He enjoyed seeing new ideas mixed with his story.

In “Parasyte: The Grey,” there’s a young woman named Su-in. She’s part human and part parasite, struggling to fit in anywhere.

The official Netflix Synopsis says, “When unidentified parasites violently take over human hosts and gain power, humanity must rise to combat the growing threat.”

The trailer shows Su-in dealing with tricky situations and tricky people. It’s full of cool special effects that make the monsters look real scary.

It seems like the show will keep us on the edge of our seats! Watch the trailer below:

Parasyte: The Grey will be on Netflix on April 5, 2024.

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