Sammi and Ronnie Spotted Filming Together for Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Sammi and Ronnie Spotted Filming Together for Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Sammi and Ronnie were spotted filming together for ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ on November 6, in a del Rey restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. Sammi was spotted with her new boyfriend Justin May.

While Ronnie was spotted holding a luggage bag. In the restaurant, present the other cast and director of the movie. Ronnie and Sammi have dated each other before, they broke up in August 2014.

Sammi and Ronnie: Reason for Breakup

Sammi and Ronnie broke up after the end of season 1 of Jersey Shore, they tried to continue their relationship but it won’t work. In a conversation with  Us Weekly in August 2014.

Ronnie said, “Me and Sammi aren’t together anymore, We just grew our separate ways. She’s still a great person. I love her as a person and I care about her but we went our separate ways. That’s it.”

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Ronnie Stepped Out From The Show

Ronnie stepped out from the show in the spring of 2021 after a string of domestic violence incidents and arrests. But he keeps coming as a guest on the show sometimes.

Sammi also quit the show Jersey Shore Family Vacation in 2018, she didn’t want the complicated situation with her ex-boyfriend Ronnie. She is returning back to the show as she doesn’t know about Ronnie’s comeback.

Jersey Shore posted a clip where Sammi talked about Ronnie, “I mean, I can co-exist, I mean, I’m at a different place in my life”. Here’s the Instagram post:

Sammi said, “I don’t feel awkward if you’re friends with him,” said Sammi to the cast on Nov. 2. “I dated many people. I was engaged to somebody else. My life has moved on.”

Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs at 8 p.m. Thursday on MTV.

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