SAFETY chiefs warned Netflix producers about the real-life Squid Game
SAFETY chiefs warned Netflix producers about the real-life Squid Game

Netflix’s real-life Squid Game reality TV show has been given a warning from health and safety chiefs. The Health and Safety Executive officials launched an investigation after the complaints received from the contestants and those who had signed up for the show.

One contestant said: “It was like a warzone. People were getting carried out by medics.” The game show is based on the South Korean TV hit about a deadly contest.

A number of people can now claim at the streaming giant that they were treated like animals during filming which ended this week at Cardington Studios, a former RAF base near Bedford.

Yesterday, the HSE said: “We contacted the program producers after receiving concerns about the recent filming.

“We reviewed the responses from the producers and decided not to take any further action. We stressed to them the importance of planning properly for any risks in future filming. The producers of Squid Game said: “Netflix, Studio Lambert, and The Garden have done everything required by health and safety legislation and the HSE have said they have assessed and closed the matter. “

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