A decade after filming _Robin Hood,_ Russell Crowe remembered that both of his legs were broken
A decade after filming _Robin Hood,_ Russell Crowe remembered that both of his legs were broken

You must remember Russell Crowe‘s action film “Robin Hood,” released on May 14, 2010, whose directorial credit goes to Ridley Scott, and writers Brian Helgeland, Ethan Reiff, and Cyrus Voris penned it.

This Film is Filled with genres like action, adventure, drama, and history.

Almost a decade, after making a special place in the hearts of the fans playing the role of Robin Longstride in Robin Hood, actor Russell Crowe remembered that he broke almost both of his legs during the filming of Universal Pictures‘ film “Robin Hood.” read articles written below:-

Russell remembered being injured while doing stunts as Robin Longstride, but he continued his work regardless.

His other film, titled Land of Bad, was recently released on 16 July 2024.

Russell Crowe explores the Unawareness of Leg Fractures from “Robin Hood” Filming

Russell Crowe explores the Unawareness of Leg Fractures from _Robin Hood_ Filming
Russell Crowe explores the Unawareness of Leg Fractures from _Robin Hood_ Filming

59-year-old Actor Russell Crowe recently revealed during an interview with People magazine that he didn’t realize he had fractured his leg a decade ago while he was filming the 2010 film Robin Hood.

Initially, Oscar winner Crowe believed that he had suffered a minor injury to his legs while performing a stunt on the set and that it was a minor accident.

Russell Crowe Said:-

“I jumped off a castle portcullis onto rock-hard uneven ground,” “We should have prepped the ground and buried a pad but we were in a rush to get the shot done in the fading light.”

Russell Crowe

He recalled being worried about arranging the moments before performing a stunt, and he said:-

“With hundreds of extras around, arrows flying and burn pots setting the castle on fire, there was no pulling out,” “As I jumped, I remember thinking, ‘This is going to hurt.’ “

Russell Crowe

A New Zealand native explained that Russell was trying to land on the balls of his feet to better absorb shock, while Crowe recalled that his heels were the first to hit the ground when he landed the stunt. He further added:-

“It was like an electric shock bursting up through my body,”

“We were shooting a big movie, so you just struggle through, but the last month of that job was very tricky. There was a number of weeks where even walking was a challenge.”

“never discussed the injury with production, never took a day off because of it, I just kept going to work.”

When actor Russell Crowe felt “very strange pain” in his lower legs a decade later, he went to a doctor for an MRI; he explained further:-

“I thought it was nothing serious,” “After working through a long New York winter, my body was just missing exercise and sunshine.”

The doctor was surprised to see his X-ray, Crowe continued talking about what the doctor told him when he went to a doctor for an MRI-

“When did you break your legs?” “Apparently he could see the remnants of fractures in both shin bones,” “To jog my memory he said, ‘Would have been maybe 10 years ago?'”

After asking the doctor’s question, he remembered jumping from the portcullis on the Robin Hood set and he kept saying:-

“Apparently I finished that movie with two broken legs,” he adds. “All for art. No cast, no splints, no painkillers, just kept going to work and over time they healed themselves.”

“In retrospect I obviously knew something was wrong,” “To be the Kryptonian father of Superman was six months of incredibly intense physical training. Between the time off and that training, things fixed themselves.”

After the filming of this film he took a year off.

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