Renegade Nell Filming Locations
Renegade Nell Filming Locations

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Disney+ is releasing a new Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, and History Series, “Renegade Nell,” whose directorial credit goes to Ben Taylor, Amanda Brotchie, and MJ Delaney.

The series stars include Louisa Harland, Joely Richardson, Adrian Lester, Nick Mohammed, and many more…

Plotline: A bright and courageous girl is accused of murder, who then surprisingly becomes the most notorious robber in 18th-century England. But when a magical spirit named Billy appears, Nell realizes that her destiny is greater than she ever imagined.

When and Where Was Disney+’s Renegade Nell Filmed?

Series NameRenegade Nell
Formally Known asThe Ballad of Renegade Nell
Genres Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, History
Filming locationsUK (England)
Filming DatesOctober 2022
Cinematography byOli Russell, Catherine Goldschmidt
Release DateMarch 29, 2024 (United States)
Renegade Nell Filming Locations (TV Series 2024-)

The upcoming series Renegade Nell has been filmed in various locations across Oxford and South England. Principal photography and shooting of this History series began in October 2022.

Where Was Disney+'s Renegade Nell Filmed
Where Was Disney+’s Renegade Nell Filmed

Here is a guide to all the locations of Renegade Nell Filming Locations, In the article below, we will discover the different places where the Renegade Nell was filmed.

📍Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK

Oxfordshire is Sothest England’s ceremonial and Non-metropolitan county. Oxford is a central European city that is most noted for its libraries. Noted for its ancient university, beautiful buildings, and iconic “Dreaming Spires.”

Renegade Nell Filming Locations, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Renegade Nell Filming Locations, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK

You can clearly see many of the locations in Oxford in the series Renegade Nell because the city of Oxford and its surrounding locations were also used for filming. According to the 2017 census, the total population of Oxford is 152,450.

The court scenes of this Adventure Series were shot around the Bodleian Courtyard, Oxford.

Bourne Wood, Farnham, England

Renegade Nell Filming Locations, Bourne Wood, Farnham, EnglandRenegade Nell Filming Locations, Bourne Wood, Farnham, England (2)

The filming unit set up around Bourne Woods to film most of the robbery scenes featured in the Renegade Nail series. It is a National Forest in Farnham, England. This area is used as an ideal filming location.

Rousham House & Gardens, Bicester

Address: Rousham House, Rousham, Bicester OX25 4QU, United Kingdom

Renegade Nell Filming Locations, Rousham House & Gardens, BicesterRenegade Nell Filming Locations, Rousham House & Gardens, Bicester (2)

Rousham House & Gardens is a Garden in Rousham, England, which was opened in 1635 by Architect William Kent. The scenes where Nell tries to blend in with high society in an episode of the series were actually filmed at Rusham House and Gardens.

This House is open to visitors between 10 am and 4:30 pm.

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Address: London SE10 9NN, United Kingdom

Old Royal Naval College is a Building at the University of Greenwich. Queen Anne’s parliament scenes featured in the series were recorded at the Old Royal Naval College.

Renegade Nell Filming Locations, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Renegade Nell Filming Locations, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

This royal Building was built in 1694 by Architects Nicholas Hawksmoor and John Vanbrugh. London’s borough of Greenwich has noted its maritime history for the Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude).

Behind the scenes of Renegade Nell Movie:-

To give you a taste of the intricacies of the filming of Renegade Nell, we have found a behind-the-scenes post for you:-

Renegade Nell Filming Locations (TV Series 2024-)

People also ask

What is the Filming Location of Renegade Nell?

Renegade Nell was Filmed in England (Oxford).

When did Renegade Nell start filming?

Renegade Nell’s filming started in October 2022.

Where You Can Watch Renegade Nell?

You Can watch Renegade Nell on Disney+.

Renegade Nell Official Trailer

Recently, Disney+ released a new trailer for this series:-

The upcoming British historical adventure television series Renegade Nell is scheduled to be released on March 29, 2023, by Disney+ and Lookout Point TV and could be Available to Watch on Disney+.

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