Baby Face Ben Affleck Ditches Beard for Movie Role
Baby Face Ben Affleck Ditches Beard for Movie Role

Ben Affleck has taken a new look for his movie role and is looking younger. Want to know what he changed???

The actor surprised us by shaving his beard for an upcoming movie. Ben’s shaved face suggests that he will be seen clean-shaven in his latest project.

TMZ reports that the actor was seen in Los Angeles, bare-faced and looking refreshed. He was wearing a cool, color-coordinated outfit.

He was seen wearing a dark-colored inner green shirt with light brown jeans and a maroon puffer jacket and was also holding a basketball in his hand.

It seems that Ben is feeling energized, and it’s possible that his new look has something to do with it.

Let us also tell you about the project for which Ben got this look. Actually, the actor is working on the sequel of Accountant, for which he got this look.

The shooting of The Accountant 2 will be commenced next week and Gavin O’Connor will be leading the film.

Bill Dubuque is writing the story, and Ben Affleck, Jon Bernthal, JK Simmons, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson are returning in their reprise roles.

Ben Affleck will also handle the work of production with Matt Damon, Lynette Howell Taylor, and Mark Williams.

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