Is Pain Hustlers a true story based on a true
Is Pain Hustlers a true story based on a true

Netflix is inspired by true events this year there is no hesitation in saying this. This year Netflix released many crime drama series based on true incidents.

Netflix released a list of true story-based crime drama series including, Painkiller, The Fall of the House of the Usher, and now here’s the Pain Hustlers.

Netflix’s: Pain Hustlers Is Based On

Pain Hustlers is a crime drama series based on the book written by Evan Hughes. He is a journalist who made a report about a drug company in 2018 and published an article in the New York Times Magazine article.

After some time he published a proper non-fiction book about the same topic. He gives a brief description of ‘What the Drug Company did?’

He describes the steps taken by Insys to bring their painkillers to market including employing a fruitful staff and motivated sales representatives and recruiting doctors to recommend the drug to other physicians through its “speaker program.”

In a conversation with Tudum, the screenwriter of the movie Wells Tower speaks about why he wants to fantasize about the medicine scandal said, “I found it mind-blowing that these people, who for the most part have no medical training.”

He continued, “I have so much influence over the medications we’re prescribed, he told the outlet. I knew we had a story on our hands that could offer some really shocking insights into how American medicine works.”

Exactly, This year Netflix is inspired by true events. Similarly, Painkiller is also inspired by the true events of the Sackler family. Painkiller only scratches the surface of the damage that opioid abuse has caused.

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The Fall of the House of the Usher is a fictional story inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s 1839 short story.

Whatever it is, this year Netflix has given a lot of entertainment to the viewers who like its crime series. And this is also true that all stories originate from original incidents somewhere.

The Pain Hustlers was released on October 20, 2023, on Netflix. Here you watch the trailer of the series:

The Pain Hustlers

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