Orlando Bloom: To The Edge Trailer - Actor Goes to Extremes for Self-Discovery
Orlando Bloom: To The Edge Trailer - Actor Goes to Extremes for Self-Discovery

Exciting news for fans of Orlando Bloom! His new show trailer just came out. It’s called “Orlando Bloom: To The Edge” and it will be on Peacock TV.

This show will have three parts and it’s about Orlando trying new things like flying in a wingsuit, diving deep in the ocean, and climbing big rocks.

In the trailer, Orlando talks about how much he loves adventure and how this show is about him learning new things and finding out more about himself.

He had a scary accident once while climbing a building, but he’s okay now. The show is made by STX Television and Amazing Owl, with Orlando helping as a boss.

It’s going to be exciting to watch Orlando Bloom try new things and learn about himself in “Orlando Bloom: To The Edge”!

The Official Synopsis says:

“Actor and adventure enthusiast Orlando Bloom embarks on a physical, mental and spiritual journey of self-discovery as he undertakes three extreme sports — wingsuiting, free diving and rock climbing — to push himself to the edge of what is possible. With family, friends and his spiritual Buddhist practice guiding the way, Orlando is trained by experts who help him overcome obstacles, face his fears and discover valuable lessons about himself.”


Orlando Bloom: To The Edge will be available to stream on Peacock on April 18, 2024.

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