Nyack Gets Hollywood Makeover for Netflix Show The Life List
Nyack Gets Hollywood Makeover for Netflix Show The Life List

On March 28, people searching for Nyack’s Wasabi restaurant might have been surprised. That’s because the Japanese restaurant was made to look like a different place for a Netflix show being filmed there.

The restaurant became Purdy’s for the show The Life List. This show is based on a book by Lori Nelson Spielman with the same name.

It’s about a woman trying to do everything on her childhood list. The main actors are Sofia Carson, Kyle Allen, and Connie Britton.

The Village of Nyack shared on Facebook that part of Main Street was changed to resemble Burlington, Vermont, where Purdy’s is supposed to be. They also filmed at the First Reformed Church of Nyack.

Wasabi is used to having TV and movie productions. Mayor Joe Rand says it’s because Nyack has a pretty downtown area that can look like different places.

They’ve been used as backgrounds for many shows and movies, including ones with Melissa McCarthy and “Dear Edward,” “Severance,” “Blacklist,” “FBI Most Wanted,” and “Ray Donovan.”

Mayor Rand says Nyack gets a lot of filming because it has beautiful old buildings and welcomes artists. They’re happy to have filming in Nyack and love seeing their town on screens big and small.

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