Neal Brennan Gets "Crazy Good" in New Netflix Stand-Up
Neal Brennan Gets "Crazy Good" in New Netflix Stand-Up

Comedian Neal Brennan is getting ready to show why he’s one of the best in comedy.

He’s already got two comedy specials on Netflix, and now he’s coming back with his third one, “Crazy Good,” premiering on April 9.

He filmed it at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, California. In “Crazy Good,” he talks about a lot of stuff, like mental health, funny things humans do, crypto, and rich people’s attitudes.

Neal Brennan said his last special, “Blocks,” was all about feelings and self-care. But he got tired of feeling down and seeing others feel the same.

He realized there’s a good side to struggling with mental health, and that’s what he’s focusing on in “Crazy Good.”

Comedian Neal Brennan not only stars in Crazy Good but also directed it and is an executive producer with Mike Bertolini, Bill Burr, and Al Madrigal from All Things Comedy.

Brennan talked to PEOPLE about the special’s name, saying it relates to mental health and the topics he covers in his stand-up comedy.

He said, “It’s basically that. It ends up being a bit of a self-contained review, ideally. But that is the point of all of this stuff — there’s a real upside to craziness.”

Brennan compared this to expecting Michael Jordan to be a great athlete rather than worrying about his personal life. He thinks people shouldn’t expect their partners to be everything to them.

He said, “Just have them be a few things! They can’t be everything… just focus on the thing they’re good at.”

Official Synopsis

“In his third Netflix original comedy special, Neal Brennan is feeling pretty great and he’s ready to let you know why. True to form, Neal brings his fresh point of view to hilarious topics ranging from crypto and millionaire mindsets, to his ever-evolving views on mental health and relationships”


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