Netflix Unveils Trailer for Upcoming Italian Film The Tearsmith
Netflix Unveils Trailer for Upcoming Italian Film The Tearsmith

The Tearsmith is an upcoming movie whose trailer was dropped by Netflix today. The streaming channel has released the 1 min 45-sec trailer, which is focused on Nica and Rigel.

The film is coming under the direction of Alessandro Genovesi and is a screen adaption of Erin Doom’s novel of the same name.

The trailer features Nica and Rigel, who are seventeen years old. The two of them had heard stories of Tearsmith since childhood, and they grew up listening to those stories.

When he becomes smart enough to understand things, they will be deployed behind the empire of fairy tales and face the powerful forces that separate and unite them.

When the trailer opens, you will hear, “We told a lot of stories at Grave, the most famous one was THE TEARSMITH Who has able to craft crystal tears”

Simone Baldasseroni, Dana Melanie, Caterina Ferioli, and Eco Andriolo are starring, whereas Iginio Straffi and Alessandro Usai serve as the producers.

It has been revealed that the film originates from Italy, so the filming also took place in Italy.

The romantic film, The Tearsmith will be released on Netflix on April 4, 2024.

Check out the latest Italian film trailer below:

Netflix Unveils Trailer for Upcoming Italian Film “The Tearsmith”

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