McGregor Sheds Fighting Persona for Road House
McGregor Sheds Fighting Persona for Road House Credit: thenotoriousmma / Instagram

On the red carpet at the U.K. premiere of “Road House” in London, Conor McGregor, renowned UFC fighter turned actor, showed a different side of himself.

He seemed humble, which is not something people usually see when he’s in the fighting ring.

Conor said he’s new to acting but thankful for the chance to learn and improve while working on set.

“I went in humble, looking to learn,” McGregor confessed. “I knew my level. I was a white belt, I am a white belt still, and I was blessed with an amazing cast that was helpful and patient.”

In the upcoming “Road House” remake, McGregor stars as Knox, the primary antagonist to Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Elwood Dalton.

The film, set to premiere on March 21 exclusively on Prime Video, sees Gyllenhaal’s character, a former UFC fighter, hired as a bar manager to restore order in a raucous roadhouse.

Even though Conor is known for being tough in the UFC, his journey into acting has been different.

This is especially true considering he’s been recovering from a severe leg injury while fighting Dustin Poirier in July 2021.

“I got into good, strong shape. I gave it my all,” McGregor remarked. “I was a little probably green at times, a bit rough around the edges, but for the character it worked. On to the next one if there is a next one.”

In the movie, there’s a fight scene between Gyllenhaal and UFC veteran Jay Hieron.

But Conor’s character doesn’t interact with Gyllenhaal in the fighting ring.

Still, McGregor said that their on-screen encounters felt real and physical.

“For sure, those were real punches,” McGregor admitted. “Even with Jake, we beat each other up 100 percent.”

McGregor’s jump into Hollywood differs from his bold style in the UFC. He’s showing that he’s ready to be open and grow in this new world.

Conor shared the post on his Instagram account.

Fans are excited for the “Road House” premiere, expecting McGregor’s role as Knox to be a fascinating addition to his varied talents.

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