Netflix Supacell Trailer Reveals Ordinary People with Extraordinary Powers
Netflix Supacell Trailer Reveals Ordinary People with Extraordinary Powers

Netflix has just released the first trailer for its new show Supacell. It’s all about South London, where strange things are happening.

The trailer gives us a peek into a world where superheroes with special powers are part of everyday life.

The Netflix show has a cool comic book style and lots of exciting action scenes. It’s set to hit Netflix this June, and it already seems like it could be one of the best series on the platform.

Supacell is the brainchild of Rapman, a British music producer and filmmaker. This is his first full-length series, following his 2019 movie Blue Story, which also celebrated life in South London.

In Supacell, we’ll see people with supernatural abilities wandering the streets, adding a new twist to the familiar setting of South London.

The trailer for the show gives us a peek into what’s coming up without giving away too much.

We meet the main characters, Michael and Dionne, who seem to have a perfect life together.

But then Michael discovers he has superpowers and can see into the future, where he learns Dionne might die.

To save her, he needs to find others with powers like his. But why do they all have these powers? That’s the big mystery. Watch the trailer below:

“Netflix U.K. is building on success — it’s hard to top the virtuosity and global impact of our existing, award-winning British series — from The Crown, Sex Education and After Life to Top Boy and Fate.”


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