Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix
Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix

Los Angeles has been the plot of numerous filming locations where there are a host of iconic movies and television shows that have been filmed throughout the state.

The city’s Hollywood neighborhood has become acknowledged as the center of the motion picture industry and the LA area is also associated with being the center of the tv industry.

Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix

The city is home to major film studios as well as major record labels and plays host to the annual Academy Awards, the Primetime Emmy Awards, and the Grammy Awards In addition to many other entertainment industry awards shows.

Los Angeles is also one of the world’s most populous megacities and is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic and cultural diversity, Hollywood film industry, and kie-down metropolitan area.

Los Angeles is the site of the USC School of Cinematic Arts which is the oldest film school in the United States.

Best Los Angeles Movies On Netflix.

There are a continuous and perpetual number of movies where Los Angeles is an integral part of the movie, and many are on Netflix for immediate satisfaction. Here below are the best films

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix
Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix

One of the 5 major film studios which are Paramount Pictures is within the city. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a 1988 American live-action animated comedy mystery film which is directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Frank Marshall and Robert Watts.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is set in a 1947 version of Hollywood where cartoon characters and the film follows Eddie Valiant who is a private investigator who must help absolve Roger Rabbit who is a toon who has been mount for the murder of the Acme Corporation’s owner.

The film also won 3 Academy Awards for Best Film Editing, Best Sound Effects Editing, and Best Visual Effects.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit film was released through Disney’s Touchstone Pictures banner on June 22, 1988, and earned over $351 million globally. The movie stars Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Stubby Kaye, and Joanna Cassidy, and the voices given by Charles Fleischer and an uncelebrated Kathleen Turner.


Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix
Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix

Somewhere is a 2010 drama film which is written and directed by Sofia Coppola. The film follows Johnny Marco who is a newly famous actor, as he recovers from a minor injury at the Chateau Marmont which is a popular Hollywood retreat.

The movie received positive reviews and was released to theatres in the United Kingdom and Ireland on December 10, 2010, and in the US on December 22, 2010. The shooting took place in LA and Italy in June and July 2009.

The film explores ennui in the company of Hollywood stars, and the father-daughter relationship and offers a slanting comedy that shows business, especially Hollywood filmmaking and the life of a star. The movie premiered at the 67th Venice International Film Festival where it received the Golden Lion award for best picture.


Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix
Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix

The movie was based on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma with a modern-day setting of Beverly Hills. Clueless’ movie centers on a beautiful, popular, and rich high school student who makes friends with a new student and is determined to give her a makeover while playing a matchmaker for her teachers and scrutinizing her own life.

Clueless is a 1995 American teen comedy film which is written and directed by Amy Heckerling. The film stars Alicia Silverstone with supporting roles by Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, and Paul Rudd. Clueless was produced by Scott Rudin and Robert Lawrence.

Clueless has evolved cult patronage and has an ongoing legacy. The film was accompanied by a spin-off television sitcom and a series of books. The Clueless film earned $56.1 million in the United States and has received positive reviews and is considered to be one of the best teen films of all time.

Sunset Boulevard

Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix
Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix

Sunset Boulevard is a 1950 American black comedy film which is directed and co-written by Billy Wilder and produced and co-written by Charles Brackett. Sunset Boulevard was named after a major street that runs through Hollywood, the center of the American film industry.

Sunset Boulevard had its official world premiere at Radio City Music Hall and earned around $1,020,000 making it one of that theatre’s most successful pictures. The film stars William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson, Jack Webb, Lloyd Gough, Fred Clark, Buster Keaton, H. B. Warner, and Anna Q. Nilsson.

Sunset Boulevard was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won 3. Sunset Boulevard is ranked among the greatest movies ever made. It was also ranked number 12 on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 best American films in 1998 and in 2007 it was 16th on their 10th Anniversary list.

BoJack Horseman

Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix
Movies Filmed in Los Angeles On Netflix

BoJack Horseman is an American adult animated black comedy-drama television series which is created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg. BoJack Horseman movie stars the voices of Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Paul F. Tompkins, and Aaron Paul.

BoJack Horseman is set first and foremost in Hollywood and premiered on Netflix on August 22, 2014. BoJack Horseman has received various recognition which includes 2 Saturn Award nominations for Best Animated Series on Television, 4 Critics’ Choice Television Awards for Best Animated Series, and 2 Creative Arts Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Animated Program.

The first five seasons of BoJack Horseman consist of 12 episodes each, while the sixth and final season consists of 16 episodes divided into 2 parts of 8 episodes each. BoJack Horseman is the greatest animated television series of all time. (External Link: Laist)

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