Marvel's 'Fantastic Four' filming will begin early in 2024
Marvel's 'Fantastic Four' filming will begin early in 2024

Good news! Good news! Good news! Here is the good news for the fans of Marvel’s fans as Marvel’s new film named ‘Fantastic Four’ will begin filming in early 2024, The director of Fantastic Four is Matt Shakman, who is well known for WandaVision in 2021, Game of Thrones in 2011 has given some perceptions as to when the filming starts.

In an interview with Collider for his brand new Prime Video series named The Consultant, the WandaVision helmer revealed that filming on Fantastic Four kicks off “early next year” and that it’ll be his priority going forward.

After earning a good name in Wanda Maximoff, the director had taken the reins of the film Fantastic Four from Jon Watts, though his attention has also been on Apple TV+ and Legendary’s untitled Godzilla and the Titans series.

A question asked by Collider the director if he plans on directing anything else, Shakman said “I don’t think so. You know, I’m still finishing up the Godzilla project you were mentioning. We’re in post on that and have a few more months on that. Fantastic Four is pretty much my life until Valentine’s Day of 2025.”

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