"Mean Girls" adaptation A musical movie filming is scheduled for March in Middletown
"Mean Girls" adaptation A musical movie filming is scheduled for March in Middletown

“Mean Girls” adaptation A musical movie filming is scheduled for the beginning of March in Middletown. Mean Girl is an upcoming brand-new movie. It is a musical movie adaptation that will start filming in Middletown from the month of March. The studio of Mean Girls is Paramount Pictures and, when the movie is completed, it will stream on Paramount+, according to this casting call. At present, the project is called “High School Movie Musical.”

NJ.com reports that it’s an adaptation of “Mean Girls” which was released in the year 2004, and a musical adaptation released on Broadway in 2017. This latest version is an adaptation of the Broadway musical, The filming of Mean Girls is scheduled to start at the beginning of March and continue into April.

In the press conference, which was held yesterday (7, February 2023 ) quartet of four Grant Wilfley casting agents said “Basically, what we are looking for is people 18 and up to portray high school students,” “All types of people, all ethnic backgrounds, all body types, people with disabilities … to portray high school students and teachers, parents, pedestrians, and neighbors. Anyone can do it. You don’t need theater or acting experience.”

The agents, giggling said “We are looking for real people. This isn’t L.A.” “We are not looking for just models. We want all types of people; we want authenticity. We want to represent what high school looks like in 2023.”

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