Lola Glaudini Alleges Johnny Depp Verbally Abused Her during Blow Filming
Lola Glaudini Alleges Johnny Depp Verbally Abused Her during Blow Filming

The 2001 film “Blow,” in which your favorite actor, Johnny Depp, played the role of George Jung, collected a lot of love among the audience.

Johnny Depp is an actor who is involved in many controversies; Recently, another accusation has been made against him by the actress Lola Glodini.

Lola Glaudini Alleges Jeanne du Barry star Johnny Depp Verbally Abused Her while “Blow” Filming. The actress says Johnny insulted her during filming and Called Her a ‘F***ing Idiot.’

An episode of the “Powerful Truth Angels” podcast has resurfaced in recent days, in which actress Lola Glodini tells the story during the filming of her film Blow.

In the “Blow” film, when Johnny gives a monologue in the background of a scene, Director Ted Demme instructs Lola to “laugh” during the take as instructed.

According to the reports, Glaudini said:-

“[Depp] says his monologue. I hear the cue, and I go haha, I do a big laugh or whatever,”

“Johnny Depp, when they say cut, walks over to me, comes up to me, sticks his finger in my face and he goes, ‘Who the f**k do you think you are? Who the f**k do you think you are? Shut the f**k up.”

“I’m out here, and I’m trying to f**king say my lines and you’re f**king pulling focus. You f**king idiot. Oh, now, oh now it’s not so funny? Now you can shut up? Now you can f**king shut the f**k up? The quiet that you are right now, that’s how you f**king stay.’”

Lola Further added:-

“First day, on the set, I’ve never met him,”

“This was my first studio movie, I’ve just done indies until then. And I have the star who I have idolized, who I am so excited to work with, reamed me in my face. The only thing going through my head was, ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.’”

After insulting Glaudini, Johnny reportedly gave an “a non-apology apology” when he saw her again on set. When Gladini was scolded by Depp, she called her father and his father consoled her and said:-

“You have two choices right now: you can either say f**k this, f**k you, and I’m not going to be spoken to like that, or you never let him see you sweat.”

After choosing the latter option as suggested by her father, the actress said that Depp came to her and said:-

“‘You know, so earlier, I was really in my head and staying in my character. I’m doing this Boston accent, and it’s really f**king with me. So I’m a little tense and stuff. So I just wanted to make sure we’re cool and everything?’”

After which Glodini told:-

“I just looked at him, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course, what are you talking about? Totally cool.’ Because I was like… my dad said, ‘Don’t let them see you sweat.’ So that was that,”

When Lola allegedly got berated by Depp, she also said Director Ted Damme did not say anything and she added:-

“did not come over and say anything.” “When we wrapped, I was like a pariah. No one wanted to talk to me, because I am the b**ch who he railed at.”

When Variety asked a representative of Depp for comment on the Glaudini story, representative said:-

“Johnny always prioritizes good working relationships with cast and crew and this recounting differs greatly from the recollection of other members on set at the time.”

When Depp’s representative pointed to Samuel Sarkar, Sarkar told Variety:-

What is going on on the set, you are constantly listening, I will specially listen to the audio of Johnny to check the interference during the rehearsal of the blow film, because the Samuel Sarkar has never heard it before and this incident must be mentioned.

Samuel Sarkar was credited as a sound technician on “Blow.”

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