First-Time Director Delivers Undead Slasher In a Violent Nature
First-Time Director Delivers Undead Slasher In a Violent Nature

Get ready for the new upcoming horror drama and thriller “In a Violent Nature,” directed and written by Chris Nash. The film’s main stars include Rae Barrett, Andrea Pavlovich, and Cameron Love.

The film premiered last year at the Sundance Film Festival and takes a strict approach to answering this question in his directorial debut.

The official description is: “As a vengeful undead beast, he methodically kills a group of campers in the woods after removing a pendant from its resting place,” followed by Johnny.

The story revolves around a locket from a fallen fire tower in the forest, in which the rotting corpse of Johnny, a spirit seeking revenge after a terrible crime committed 60 years ago.

The “In a Violent Nature” was produced by Andrea Pavlovich, Cameron Love, Reece Presley, Liam Lyons, Charlotte Creghan, Lee Rose Sebastianis, Sam Rolston, Alexander Oliver, and Lauren Taylor.

The “In a Violent Nature” trailer was released on March 20, 2024, by IFC Films and Shudder and will be released on May 31, 2024.

Director Nash tells Entertainment Weekly, “For years, I’ve thought of applying their form and aesthetic to the horror genre, and a slasher seemed like the best fit since many of them have flirted with that stylistic approach but rarely commit to it beyond a set piece or two.”

He added, “One of the biggest challenges was figuring out how much information is necessary to tell the story.”

The film itself represents the idea that Johnny created Johnny’s unique mask:

Nash stated, “The aim was to have Johnny imbued with elements that would make him feel iconic, mythic, and familiar, to tap into the feeling I got while watching slasher films as a kid.”

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