Leave the World Behind Boat Scene
Leave the World Behind Boat Scene

Leave the World Behind, one of the Netflix hit films released in December 2023, has come into discussion again these days, and its reason is the boat scene shown in the film.

The movie is the adaptation of the 2020 Best-Selling novel of the same name by Rumaan Alam.

A recent news report reported that a container ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, at approximately 1:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday.

The Crew members on the ship informed authorities that there was a power outage just before the ship capsized.

And now after the news of this accident, social media users started drawing comparisons between the incident and a scene from the 2023 film ‘Leave the World Behind’.

For your information, former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have acted as executive producers in the apocalyptic thriller “Leave the World Behind.”

In a particular scene of the Netflix thriller film ‘Leave the World Behind,’ a cargo ship loses power and crashes on the beach, and this is the scene citizens started comparing to the Baltimore crash.

Recently a website called Straightdope, where you can comment on a column or submit a question or topic for a future column. Some people have submitted their opinions about the boat scene from Leave the World Behind film.

This question was asked on this site that:-

“Is the ship scene in “Leave The World Behind” realistic?”

To which a grammarian replied:-

I would have guessed the ship would hit ground long before it did.

I did check out some videos of this happening IRL but those are at ports where the sea bottom is going to be deep enough for the ships. (I can say one thing from those videos, the ship should have been blowing it’s horn).


As per timesnownews reports, Apart from this, this scene has also created a stir on other social media platforms. For example, one person wrote on X, “Today’s Incident at Baltimore looks like a scene from Leave The World Behind.”

While another person wrote on Twitter, “One photo is from the Obama-produced movie “Leave the World Behind” and shared a post which you can see here:-

But the reality is that the boat scene shown in the film was indirectly inspired by a similar situation involving a huge oil tanker crashing into a seaside resort off the coast of Turkey near Istanbul in 2018b because no person was hurt in either of these incidents.

The Real Boat Scene from Netflix’s Leave the World Behind was filmed around Long Island, New York, USA.

Here, you can watch the trailer for Leave the World Behind’s Boat Scene, which is compared to the shipwreck of Francis Scott’s Bridge (Incident at Baltimore).

The 2023 American apocalyptic, psychological thriller Netflix movie was released on December 8, 2023, by Netflix and is also available to Watch on Netflix’s Official Site.

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