Jamie Foxx's 'Medical Complication': Actor 'Stable' and 'Recovering
Jamie Foxx's 'Medical Complication': Actor 'Stable' and 'Recovering

Professionally as Jamie Foxx, Eric Marlon Bishop an American actor who worked with Natasha Blasick in 2019’s unreleased All-Star Weekend, said he continues to recover from his hospitalization following an emergency “medical complication,”.

“I was texting him, and just yesterday I talked to his friend, who’s like really in touch with him. I was, like, really freaking out all of the news that he’s getting worse. So I was texting, and he’s like, ‘No, no, no, he’s recovering.’ Natasha Blasick shared the news to Etonline.

“So just hearing that he was recovering made me feel so much better. I’m just praying. And my friend yesterday reached out to me, and she’s like, ‘Let’s pray together.’ I mean, it’s really crazy. All we have in this world is our health. Our life. So it’s very scary.” Blasick continued

Jamie Foxx's 'Medical Complication': Actor 'Stable' and 'Recovering
Jamie Foxx’s ‘Medical Complication’: Actor ‘Stable’ and ‘Recovering

“I just hope that truly he feels that he’s blessed, and [knows] everybody’s praying for his health and speedy recovery, I think he’s such a wonderful person,” she said.

He brings so much light and laughter into this world. And I just hope, in times like this, he feels it back, that we think about him and we pray for him,” Natasha Blasick concluded while taking to Etonline.

Foxx shared on his Instagram a text post, saying, “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed.”

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