Is Catfish still Filming
Is Catfish still Filming

“Catfish,” the popular MTV television show that first aired in 2012, has captivated audiences with its mission to uncover the true identities behind dubious online personas. With each episode, the series never fails to surprise, revealing new and unexpected variations of catfishing.

In the early 2000s, Nev Schulman and his friends began filming their online relationships as a personal project. Little did they know that this would eventually lead Schulman to a career investigating online relationships full-time.

It all started when Schulman himself fell victim to being catfished, a term he popularized and pushed to be added to the dictionary. Being catfished means someone creates a fake online profile for deceptive purposes.

In 2010, a documentary about Schulman’s own experience with online deception was released, receiving mixed reviews. However, despite initial opinions, the documentary went on to become a cultural phenomenon.

As “Catfish” continues to expose the truth behind questionable profiles, it remains an addictive and eye-opening journey into the depths of online relationships.

Is Catfish Still Filming: Season 9 Release Date

Since the last episode of Catfish Season 8 which was released on 30 Aug 2022 the fans of this show are waiting for the announcement of Catfish Season 9. If you are searching for, Is Catfish still Filming? then the answer is yes, Catfish is still filming.

Is Catfish still Filming
Is Catfish still Filming

Although Season 9 of “Catfish” doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, it seems that the cast and crew are actively involved in filming it. If you follow co-host Kamie Crawford on Instagram, you’ll see that she frequently shares updates from the MTV office where they film the virtual episodes of “Catfish.”

This suggests that the production is currently underway, and fans can anticipate more thrilling investigations into online deception in the near future.

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