HBO's Task Starring Mark Ruffalo Takes Over South Philly for Filming
HBO's Task Starring Mark Ruffalo Takes Over South Philly for Filming

HBO is rolling out the upcoming crime drama “Task” in full swing in the Philadelphia location. There’s talk of a filming location done at Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in South Philly.

The series’ story revolves around an FBI agent, played by Ruffalo, who focuses on stopping robberies of drug houses and other criminal activities.

The latest work is based on the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, like Easttown Mare, with screenwriter Brad Ingelsby.

The series cast includes Ruffalo, who received an Oscar nomination for Poor Things, and the series also stars Om Pelphrey, Emilia Jones, Thuso Mbedu, and others.

Gleaners Café posted on his Instagram Story to announce Ralph’s as the filming location.

However, the production started on Tuesday and will continue till 10 pm. The film was produced on Wednesday in various streets of the Italian market.

The showrunners have invited actors from Philadelphia to contribute to the project and use nearby locations.

In an interview with Deadline in January, Ruffalo says, “I didn’t think I could do it. Being the wrong person on screen, breaking whatever expectations.

“At some point, those two might run into each other. That’s what they’re saying. It’s not set, nothing’s set.”

Previously, it was under production and will start filming in Aston Township next week.

Added: “It’s such a flashy part, and I had never really dug my teeth into anything like that — and man, was it freeing and liberating and just joyfully wicked!”

On February 6, Heery Loftus, a Philly-based agency, posted about “Casting For Task.”

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