Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin
Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin

Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin: It is the month of love, the month of February; we can dream about beautiful sandy beaches, clear water, sunny days, and much more.

Good news for all Hallmark Movie lovers: The new romantic movie, “A Taste of Love,” is a Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin that will take you to one of our favorite Florida beach spots without leaving your living rooms.

Hallmark Movie Filmed In Clearwater Beach, Dunedin
Hallmark Movie Filmed In Clearwater Beach, Dunedin Credit: Forbes

The shooting of the new movie is set in Dunedin and lasted about three weeks. The audience can spot CC Riders, the Fenway Hotel, and the Wild Iris Café while the movie is shot.

Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin (1)
Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin (1) Credit: Tampa Bay Business and Wealth Magazine

The movie aired on February 19, 2024, in the United States. Apart from that, The movie also features Clearwater Beach, Edgewater Park, and the Pinellas Trail in the movie.

Stars Share Experience When Hallmark movie filmed in Dunedin?

Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin (2)
Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin (2)

The four cast members of “A Taste of Love” reunited for a special Dunedin screening at the Dunedin International Film Festival. Southern Living got to talk to stars about their experiences while filming in such breathtaking locations. Here are the statements given by stars:

Cahill, who played the character of Taylor in the movie, said:

“Dunedin is one of the most beautiful places. It’s right on the water. Everywhere you look is aesthetically pleasing. So, the movie is that much more beautiful for having been shot here. And the people are just fantastic. The way we were embraced by the whole town,”

Erin Cahill

Gallagher, who played the character of Patty Rider, a North Carolina native, said in an interview,

“living in Florida for the last 38 years, it was so special to me to come to Dunedin because it’s almost like working at home. I love working in Florida, and I love working in Dunedin. It was the first time that I had ever done that. Like Erin was saying, it’s the most charming little beachside community that I know of. It’s kinda like the best-kept secret in Florida.”

Susan Gallagher

Then, Jesse Kove (Jacob) also added,

“the culture here in Dunedin is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s like Pleasantville here. Just being able to shoot on the beaches like we did was just very memorable. And Dunedin itself is a character within the movie.”

Jesse Kove

What benefits did Pinellas Country receive during filming?

Filming in Pinellas Country has promoted and supported the community by providing jobs and boosting the local economy.

Various economic benefits were obtained from this. With a cast of 21, including local people and a production house, the film is estimated to cost $1.6 million locally, involving 350 room nights and creating approximately 30 local jobs.

What is the Plot of A Taste of Love?

A Taste of Love follows the struggles of finding her culinary voice as a network TV star. Then, Taylor decided to return to her hometown to visit her parents. There, she must choose between her new relationship, saving her family restaurant, or pursuing her dream career as a world-renowned chef.

You can watch the preview of the movie below:

Offcial Trailer of A Taste of Love

Hallmark Movie Filmed In Dunedin

Source: IMDb and WTSP.com

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