Emilia Clarke's Marvel Adventure Behind the Scenes of Secret Invasion's Epic Finale Filming
Emilia Clarke's Marvel Adventure Behind the Scenes of Secret Invasion's Epic Finale Filming

Recently, Marvel.com posted an interview of June with Emilia Clarke where she share an experience of Marvel’s journey as Jiya.

The star admitted that she had “the most amount of fun” while filming the scene of the fight with Grevik and G’iah, noting that she particularly enjoyed all the stunt work she did in Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion star said, “There was a part of this fight where I was on a [stunt] chariot. Then I was doing all the running, but I wasn’t actually running. I was on a chariot, which was being pulled by a car. And then my favorite bit is they put me on the wires!”

Most of the action in the final Grevik-G’iah fight scene required Clarke to be on wires for the flying scenes, and even after filming was completed, the stunt team “couldn’t get [her] out of them.”

“I literally was like, this is my best day ever,” She excitedly continued. “I’m a theme park-riding kind of gal. Give me a trapeze. Give me a roller coaster. It felt exactly like that. I just kept giggling. I couldn’t stop giggling. It was genuinely the funnest day I’ve ever had on set — ever, ever, ever. if I could just live in wires, if I could be in wires now— Oh, it’s so good. After I wanted to tell everyone, I just came back, I’ve done something!”

“You just stand there, and then you got to exit the screen,” She explained to Marvels. com, “You’re like, well, I actually can’t fly. And I’m not attached to the wires right now, so I’m just going to have to do the dumbest thing ever and just look really mean. And then jump. That’s exactly it. The biggest anticlimactic move. You’ve been building up. Been doing all the nasty talk. And then you just hop.”

But even the jump couldn’t stop Clarke from declaring it “my best day ” once again.

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