Dinosaur Tests Sisterhood in a New Hulu Comedy
Dinosaur Tests Sisterhood in a New Hulu Comedy

Get ready for a heartwarming comedy show called “Dinosaur” on Hulu! It’s about Nina, a smart and cute paleontologist with autism.

She has three degrees! But her life gets tricky when her sister, Evie, decides to marry someone she barely knows. Nina doesn’t understand why Evie would do this so quickly.

In the trailer, we see Nina and Evie are super close. They do everything together, like running in the morning and jamming out to Taylor Swift.

But when Evie drops the bomb about getting married, Nina is confused and uncomfortable. Still, she decides to support her sister, even though it’s a wild ride.

The show promises to be full of laughs and touching moments as Nina and Evie navigate this unexpected journey together.

“Dinosaur” is made by Ashley Storrie and Matilda Curtis, with help from the creators of shows like Fleabag and The Tourist.

There are lots of talented actors in the show, like David Carlyle, Lorn Macdonald, and Danny Ashok. It’s a six-episode series full of laughs and heartwarming moments.

“Dinosaur” is made by Two Brothers Pictures and has a great team behind it, including executive producers Sarah Hammond, Katie Churchill, Harry Williams, and Jack Williams.

Caitriona Renton and Niamh McKeown are also part of the team, with Niamh McKeown directing and Brian Coffey producing.

All episodes of Dinosaur will be released on Hulu on April 5. So get ready to join them on their adventure when “Dinosaur” hits Hulu!

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