Ralf Little Shares an Update on Death in Paradise Season 13 Filming
Ralf Little Shares an Update on Death in Paradise Season 13 Filming

During a recent Instagram Q&A session, Death in Paradise star Ralf Little, who is best known for playing DI Neville Parker, exposed some exciting news about the show’s upcoming season. According to the actor, on October 29 filming of season 13 is set to wrap up in Guadeloupe, marking a major milestone in the production process.

This update comes just weeks after slightly hinted at a possible release date for the new season. He suggested that fans can expect it to air in early January followed by a special Christmas episode in December.

Further, It took very little time to offer a glimpse of what viewers can expect in the upcoming episodes. He guaranteed fans that they could look forward to familiar ordinary from the show they know and love. Additionally, he noted a collective effort to maintain the feeling of the conference in the previous season.

He stated, “We really tried to push the boat out with series 12. Not just a mystery every week, solving the mystery and moving on, but in the course of a series really trying to find challenges for the main characters… There’s going to be more challenges [ahead] for the characters.”

In a previous Q&A session, Little also discussed the possibility of a Death in Paradise spin-off similar to Beyond Paradise. Drawing parallels to filmmaking universes such as Marvel, he humorously hinted at the possibility of widespread death in the Paradise Cinematic Universe. “So, who knows? Maybe [there] will be more. Maybe there’s going to be death in the States, or death in the Maldives will be pretty cool,” he thought.

By receiving this exciting update, fans can willingly await the return of Death in Paradise and the new experience that DI Neville Parker and his team in Season 13.

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