TLC Faces Backlash for '90 Day Last Resort' Filming Disruption at Isla Bella Resort
TLC Faces Backlash for '90 Day Last Resort' Filming Disruption at Isla Bella Resort

Inconvenience for Paying Guests Due to 90-Day Last Resort Filming

Jin Climate made his stay a shocker months ago when he surprisingly wandered into the Isla Bella area to find it was a reality TV set for the filming of 90 Day Last Resort.

Guests who booked their stay months in advance were surprised when they arrived at Isla Bella to find that it had been transformed into a reality TV set for the filming of 90 Day Last Resort. They faced closed pools with limited access to facilities, and the constant presence of production crews. Many people had to tolerate heated arguments and disruptions, which substantially affected their holiday experience.

Lack of Transparency

One of the most significant complaints raised by guests was the lack of transparency on the part of both TLC and the resort. No prior notice was given about the filming, leaving guests aware of the disruption upon arrival. This disregard has left many people feeling cheated and frustrated, as they were not able to enjoy the vacation they had planned and paid for.

TLC’s Questionable Priorities

Critics argue that TLC, with its tight financial structure, could have easily rented out entire resorts for the duration of filming. Instead, they decided to cut maps that had too much correspondence in the process. This decision has raised questions about the network’s opponent and whether they value their product more than the comfort and experience of their viewers.

Calls for Apology and Compensation

As soon as news of a similar document broke, guests and critics ranging from TLC to the Duke of Princess and influencers were assured of a Constituent Assembly. Many believe the network should take responsibility for the scope and ensure that affected groups receive the space experience they were promised.

A Lesson for Reality TV Production

This incident at the Isla Bella Resort serves as a stark reminder that 90-Day Last Resort production companies must consider the impact of their shows on both participants and innocent viewers. Even in the field of entertainment, transparency, communication and fair treatment of all involved must be dominant.


While ‘90 Day Last Resort‘ may provide entertaining television for viewers, it’s important to remember that actions taken in the name of entertainment can have real-world issues. TLC’s decision to give priority to its production over the advantage of paying guests at the Isla Bella Resort has started a conferencing about ethics and responsibility in reality TV production.

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