Bruce Willis' Comedic Influence Cutting Takes While Filming 'Die Hard'
Bruce Willis' Comedic Influence Cutting Takes While Filming 'Die Hard'

Jan de Bont, who recently spoke about it, praised the performance of Bruce Willis in the Prestigious and famous action movie “Die Hard.” He also seemed on the “A Cinematic Christmas Journey” podcast to discuss the lasting impact of the film.

Even 35 years later, Die Hard still connects with viewers, proving that Bruce Willis is a true action hero.

Die-hard based on best selling novel “Nothing Last Forever” by Roderick Thor and distributed by 20th century Fox.

In the last episode of the podcast’s second season, de Bont, who helped with the camera work on Die Hard, talked with co-host Peter Billingsley to look back on the movie.

De Bont believed Willis was the ideal match to introduce fresh ideas to the action genre.

Die Hard is a highly debatable topic famous for its exciting and intense action scenes. However, director Jan de Bont believes that Bruce Willis, the main actor, brought a playful and humorous vibe to the set, which made the movie different and special.

“Bruce was so funny,” de Bont admitted. “I broke a few takes by laughing because he was just hilarious.”

Jan de Bont

Billingsley further explained that the team came up with a lot of the dialogue while they were filming, showing how everyone worked together and had a lot of creative ideas on set.

De Bont says that Willis really liked and adopted this technique. He had a great sense of comedic timing and made the film even more enjoyable with his funny moments.

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