Netflix Announces Premiere Date for As the Crow Flies Season 3
Netflix Announces Premiere Date for As the Crow Flies Season 3

As the Crow Flies is a Turkish Drama About A Young News Intern and shows how her ambition turns deadly.

The series’ second season was released on Dec 14, 2023, and was streaming on Netflix.

Since season two ended, many people did not know whether season three of Crows Flies would come and, if it would, when.

Netflix has finally answered the question of those who did not know when season three of As the Crow Flies would come out.

Recently, Netflix announced the release date of The Crow Friends Season Three through its official channel.

The Crow Friends season three, its final season, is scheduled to be released on Netflix on April 11.

Official Announcement says:

As a familiar face steps in front of the camera, old alliances are broken, new relationships are formed and the cards of broadcast news are reshuffled.


The cast includes Birce Akalay as Lale Kiran, Miray Daner as Asli Tuna, Ibrahim Celikkol as Kenan Sezgin, Irem Sak as Müge Türkmen, Burak Yamantürk as Selim Kiran, Defne Kayalar as Gül, Nejat Isler as Narrator

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