Ariana Greenblatt's Lightsaber Training for 'Ahsoka' Amid 'Barbie' Filming
Ariana Greenblatt's Lightsaber Training for 'Ahsoka' Amid 'Barbie' Filming

Ariana Greenblatt’s lightsaber training for Ahsoka while filming for Barbie by Greta Gerwing , she is best known for her role in Barbie as Sasha.

At yesterday’s Women Empower event, many female celebs came to the red carpet, including Margot Robbie, Emily Blunt, Meghan Markle, and of course Ariana Greenblatt.

On the carpet talking with Variety, asked about her training while filming for Barbie. Greenblatt said, “It was amazing. I got to train for around two months. I was actually training while filming Barbie, but I obviously couldn’t tell anyone.”

She continues, ” It was really incredible, and just to fully endorse myself in that space. Everyone who works on Star Wars is like the biggest Star Wars fan, which makes the environment that much better.”

She further said, ” Yeah, the stunt training was crazy. Super hard. But Rosario Dawson was like my mentor through it all, so shout out to her.”

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