80 for Brady Movie Review (Image credit: youtube)
80 for Brady Movie Review (Image credit: youtube)

80 for Brady the 2023 American sports comedy film has been released on February 3, 2023, by Paramount Pictures. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics. Here is the official trailer of the film.

80 for Brady Movie Review: The director of the film Kyle Marvin is a pleasant enough reminder that these females are still in the game for a good time and the film is a surprisingly very sweet and sentimental comedy as it covers most of the sweet movements and is led by four best actors performances, especially by Lily Tomlin, who’s never been this much radiant.

The cast chemistry in the film was very special, but 80 For Brady is a very good watch despite being good enough it is only for a single watch.

80 for Brady isn’t the most original play in the playbook, minus the sheer atypicality of aiming a gang of protagonists with around almost 400 years between them at a sports event for which they aren’t the usual fanbase. That said, the comedy has enough charm, memorable moments, and charismatic performances from legendary actresses that it’s a good, breezy time by Jeff Ewing from Slash Film.

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