Zoe Saldana Opens Up About Upsetting Experience Filming Pirates of the Caribbean
Zoe Saldana Opens Up About Upsetting Experience Filming Pirates of the Caribbean

Zoe Saldana felt nostalgic!!! as she looked back on filming Pirates of the Caribbean days, and has recalled being a part of such a huge franchise as a “difficult” experience.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star who played the role of a pirate Anamaria in the first part of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Her character joins Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner in an attempt to confront Jack Sparrow for stealing his ship.

In an interview with BuzzFeed UK the Avatar star opens up about her experiences in filming Pirates of the Caribbean, She said, “What a great movie, it really was fun and entertaining and very well shot, very well performed,”.

“It was all around such a diverse cast as well, all ages, all walks of life. But a hard production, it was just so big. It was too big of a machine for me, and it was too out of control,” She added.

“So when I see what transpired on screen, I’m very proud of [it]. Though how difficult it was to get there, I don’t ever want to go back.” Zoe continued.

Saldaña, who’s now starring in the TV series Special Ops: Lioness alongside Nicole Kidman, also touched upon not being asked back for any of the other Pirates installments, saying she’s “happy” not to have returned.

Currently, the famous actress is working alongside Nicole Kidman in the TV series Special Ops: Lionesses, also said she is “happy” not to return, having not been asked back for any of the other Pirates installments.

She said, “I was only asked to be part of one and then, you know, and then that was it. Maybe they chose to go in a different direction. If [having her character return] was certainly the goal in the beginning, it didn’t transpire by the end of the production and I’m happy it didn’t,”.

“There was just a lot of politics that you would have had to navigate, and I just felt really lost and very small in that big machine. But I’m happy for all the actors that benefited from this because they certainly did and they went off to have amazing careers.” The stars added.

“And I followed their careers and felt really inspired, but for me, it was definitely an experience not worth repeating.” Zoe Saldana continued.

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