Where We Bury the Dead Filmed
Where We Bury the Dead FilmedWhere We Bury the Dead Filmed

Where We Bury the Dead Filmed: We Bury the Dead is an upcoming thriller film directed and written by Zak Hilditch.

The film stars Daisy Ridley as Ava, Mark Coles Smith, and Brenton Thwaites in the leading roles.

It is coming under the production of Kelvin Munro, Grant Sputore, Ross Dinerstein, Joshua Harris, and Mark Fasano.

We Bury the Dead Filming Locations

Film NameWe Bury the Dead
Filming locationWestern Australia, Australia
Filming startedFebruary 22, 2024
Release Date
Where We Bury the Dead Filmed? (2024)

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When and Where We Bury the Dead Filmed?

The shooting of this film started on February 22, 2024, in Western Australia, Australia, and will continue for approximately the next five weeks (till April).

The makers of the film chose Western Australia, Australia, for the filming. They decided to shoot the film in two different locations in Western Australia, Australia, including Albany and Perth.

Director Zak Hilditch spoke to screenwest.com and stated, “It’s so exciting to finally get cameras rolling here in Albany, which is proving to not only be an incredible backdrop for our film but a great place to work.”

He added, “The local community has opened their doors – literally and metaphorically – to welcome us and our incredible cast. With Daisy and now Brenton and Mark, we’ve got an incredible roster of talent to bring this story to life.”

Albany, Western Australia, Australia

Albany serves as the primary filming location for the film, as several scenes of the film are shot here. The makers shot various places in and around Albany for shooting purposes.

Where We Bury the Dead Filmed, Albany, Western Australia, Australia
Where We Bury the Dead Filmed, Albany, Western Australia, Australia Credit: Travelsewhere

It is a port city located in the Great Southern region of the Australian state. Albany is best known for its great historical significance for Western Australia. Scenic views of the wild coastline include ‘Natural Bridges’ and ‘Gaps’.

It is also known for beaches that have pure white sand. The destroyer HMAS Perth was sunk as a diving wreck in King George Sound in 2001.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Where We Bury the Dead Filmed, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Where We Bury the Dead Filmed, Perth, Western Australia, Australia Credit: Go Study Australia

Western Australia’s capital, Perth, is another chosen location for the filming. The cast and crew traveled to Perth to capture several interior and exterior scenes for the film.

It is the largest city in Western Australia. It is the main destination for international students. The city has a beautiful location, which you will see in the film.

People also ask:-

What is the filming location of We Bury the Dead?

The filming location of We Bury the Dead is Western Australia, Australia.

Where We Bury the Dead Filmed?

We Bury the Dead was filmed in Albany and Perth of Western Australia, Australia.

When did We Bury the Dead start filming?

We Bury the Dead will start filming on February 22, 2024.

We Bury the Dead Offical trailer

The official trailer for We Bury the Dead is not released as the film is currently filming. Stay connected, as we will update this post soon as soon as the trailer is released.

We Bury the Dead Release Date: The release date of We Bury the Dead is unplanned; it is expected to be released in the last quarter of the year or in the first quarter of 2025.

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