Movie Premieres and Festivals: What Actors Can and Can’t Do During a Strike
Movie Premieres and Festivals: What Actors Can and Can’t Do During a Strike

The actor has also joined the writers, and this is the first time when both actors and writers are on strike at the same time. The strike started on May 2 and still continues.

SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ and the Alliance of Motion Pictures, and some television Producers reached an impasse Wednesday in talks over a new contract.

The actors are asking for an increment from streaming services and solutions to other issues, which include the use of artificial intelligence.

The leaders of the studio say actors and writers need to know about the changes in consumer behavior and some other economic constraints facing the entertainment industry.

But what does the shutdown mean for actors? Will the “Barbie” tour stop and Margot Robbie, who is bringing the doll to life onscreen, be barred from walking the pink carpet?

Jonathan Handel said, “You can cover the pink carpet with executives on it, with producers on it, and directors can walk the pink carpet,” which means that the actors and writers will not attend promotional events.

This is one of the SAG-AFTRA strike rules the Times reviewed to clarify what performers can and cannot do during the strike.

Handel pointed out that the commercial acting contract with the Joint Policy Committee, which is managed by the two organizations named, the Association. National Association of Advertisers and the American Association. of advertising agencies.

Actors had permission for sound recording and music videos, as well as an interactive or video game agreement, and to participate in dubbing and recording for audiobooks.

Permitted work includes giving services for corporate or educational and non-broadcast programs and television and media animation.

The contract covers which actors and their representatives can hold meetings, some of them include station contracts, broadcast news, short projects agreements, microbudget agreements, student film agreements, independent new media agreements, independent podcast agreements, and micro-monetized podcast agreements, and SAG-AFTRA-approved interim agreements.

“Yes, there’s some acting work to be done,” Handel said, “But the reality for most actors who are focused on Hollywood is that there isn’t anything for them to do acting-wise.” (External link: latimes)

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